Mobile Pantry Program

Mobile Market photo courtesy of Tom Haraldsen Mobile Market photo courtesy of Tom Haraldsen

“Mobile Pantries make our services available to more people.”

While the Bountiful Community Food Pantry feeds thousands of hungry families each year, we know there are many who can’t get to our facility. Whether because of fuel prices, lack of transportation, or even scheduling issues, we know that there are people who need our help that are outside of our normal reach.

By driving food to a location that is more convenient for families in need, we hope to tackle hunger on a greater scale. Just like our on-site market, we aim to provide nutritious groceries to families two times per month. 

What Are Mobile Pantries?

Mobile Market (Bus)

Our bus is the newest member of our fleet and was donated to us by Davis Behavioral Health. It has been retrofitted with a freezer, two fridges and an entire wall of shelves. With this bus, we can take milk, eggs, produce, baked goods, hygiene items, meat and many other essentials to communities in need. The best part of the program is that people can walk through the bus and pick out their own groceries.

Truck Mobile Pantry

TruckSm.pngWhen we do a mobile pantry with one of our trucks, the goal is to feed a lot of people and to do it quickly. Through this program we provide primarily non-perishable food selecting from items we receive in bulk and have volunteers place it directly into the vehicles of families in need. Nobody even has to get out of their car! While this method doesn’t have as much variety in food options, we can feed more than 70 families in about 1.5 hours.

Times and Locations

To see our calendar of mobile pantry times and locations, see Mobile Pantry calendar

Please note that although our bus or truck typically arrives early to get everything ready, service will not begin until the designated time.

What to Expect

When you arrive we’ll ask you a few easy questions such as your name and the number of people in your family.

Want to Help?

If you'd like to help with our mobile pantries or any of our other programs, please sign up here.