Mission Statement

The mission of the Bountiful Community Food Pantry is to relieve hunger and increase self-sufficiency of individuals in need living in south Davis County, Utah. Through providing supplemental food, our first priority, we gain an understanding of the obstacles that must be addressed to alleviate hunger and associated unmet needs; thus, out of necessity, our mission has evolved to also include assisting individuals take the next steps towards self-sufficiency to create long-term change. We work collaboratively with the individuals in need and an expanding network of like-minded organizations to leverage limited resources and to provide help where it is needed most, to empower individuals and collectively affect community level change.

Background & History

    The BCFP has been providing supplemental food to low income families in south Davis County, Utah for over 35 years. We began operating in the 1970s out of a small closet. Driven by need, we have expanded to now operate a 7,500 square foot warehouse and two refrigerated trucks. We receive and collect donated food from local grocery stores, the Utah Food Bank, local food producers and private individuals. We sort, organize, store and distribute over 2,000,000 pounds of food each year, without charge, to the low income families living in south Davis County. The number of clients we serve continues to increase 20-30% each year. In the past year alone, we served 1,465 families.

In providing supplemental food to our clients and learning about their individual needs, we have found that most face numerous obstacles and that providing supplemental food is not enough to alleviate their suffering and help them move towards greater self-sufficiency. In our quest to help address these issues, we found that there are existing programs and resources available but they were not being fully utilized due to lack of accessibility, lack of awareness of the programs, or inability to navigate the multiple facets of the enrollment process. With the addition of case management, beginning with an enhanced client intake process to identify any special needs or circumstances, we have begun creating measurable change beyond that of immediate hunger relief.  We have arranged shelter for women threatened with domestic violence; assisted with meeting urgent dental needs; helped with transportation needs; assisted with enrollment in Davis Applied Technology Center (DATC); and arranged for affordable diabetes medication – quite probably saving an individual’s life.

Although we have grown substantially, we continue to be a volunteer-based organization with over 130 regular volunteers and hundreds of additional volunteers. Operations are overseen by an experienced and capable board of directors. Case managers now work with volunteers, clients, other service organizations, advocates and agencies to meet individuals’ immediate needs and help them begin their journey to self-sufficiency.

    We increasingly collaborate with many associated organizations and key advocates so that we may better compliment each other’s efforts in meeting community needs and collectively promote community level change. BCFP was recently recognized by the Utah Food Bank as the 2010 Model Food Pantry from among over 150 food pantries in Utah.
    Systems are in place to ensure sound fiscal management and compliance with all regulations.
    BCFP gained 501(c)3 status in 2004 and is formally recognized by the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization under the name Bountiful Community Food Pantry.

Board of Directors
Rob Berman, Chair
Hall Blankenship, Secretary
Dean Robinson, CPA, Treasurer/Finance Director

Russell Bernard
Teresa Crockett
Jim Guinn, D.M.D.
Alisa Knowlton, M.D.
Warren Phillips
Kim Pugmire
Chuck Swallow
Richard Watson
George West
Wendell Wild

Lloyd Allen, Attorney

Executive Director – Lorna Koci
Operations/Case Manager – Jaynann Johnson
Warehouse Supervisor – Drey Eskelsen

Our Partners
American Express
Davis County
State of Utah
United Way of Salt Lake

Local Food Sponsors
Bangerter Farms
Dick’s Market
Gregory’s Wheat Shop
Smith’s Marketplace
Utah Food Bank

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